Dane Kroll

Author Dane G. Kroll writes what he loves, and he loves giant monsters, horror, and adventure. Tired of watching reruns and remakes, Dane started writing his own books to entertain himself. Dane brings to life the classic 70’s and 80’s vibes of slasher horror movies in his books, Black Friday and Psalm Springs. A society is on the brink of collapse as the empire crumbles under new regimes and crazed magic in the fantasy epic, Eluan Falls. Adventure and exploration is the name of the game in the sci-fi opera Lariat Rhodes and the Perils of the Fantasy Stars. Plus, his on-going series, Realm of Goryo, ushers in a world on the brink of annihilation from giant monsters, aliens, amphibious beings, and much more. His books are fast paced and action packed causing you to never want to put the book down.