Michael Duran

As far back as I can remember, I’ve always drawn and loved creating artwork. I was born and raised just outside of Pittsburgh, PA. The blue collar values of hard work were instilled in me very early on. As I grew up and got older, that passion for artwork never faded. A couple years after high school I started at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. After graduating from there, I decided to try my hand in freelance instead of going the traditional route of working for a business. A risky move I’ll admit. As the years went by and many miles logged, i eventually had my artwork selling coast to coast in local shops of all sorts and even in Canada. Why stop there, right?  Since I love music, I decided to try my skills and work for some bands designing merchandise. I’ve had the university of Alabama display my artwork on campus. I submitted artwork to Graceland for an Elvis art contest and won my category. Through focus and persistence, I eventually had 2 galleries in Los Angeles and one on Maui selling my work. I’ve worked with poster companies recently and have artwork hanging in a museum. To me, opportunity is everywhere. I take my motivation and my love of art with me wherever I go and create my own opportunities. I’ve met some great people along the way and hopefully have put a few smiles on some faces from the artwork I’ve drawn. It all started with pencils and an imagination. Even to this day, I still carry that same excitement to create artwork that I had when I was very young. The journey continues on and new experiences and opportunities will come and I can guarantee that creative enthusiasm will never fade. Dream Big! Michael Duran Michael@theguythatdraws.com facebook.com/Rock Your Walls Off